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The New Generation Nano Spay Coating

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    “Environmental Plating Technology”-Nano-mirror spraying was successfully developed by Beijing Denaike Technology Co., Ltd.

    The process is simple, green, and widely used. It is a surface treatment technology that can be recycled. All indicators have been tested according to the standards of the electroplating industry, and various test reports fully meet the requirements of the electroplating industry at home and abroad. The products coated by nano-mirror spraying technology have excellent adhesion, impact resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance, and meet the requirements of precision products such as large automobile manufacturers and large electrical appliance manufacturers at home and abroad. It can also be used as a surface decoration and protection spray for other industries.

    “Environmental plating technology” fills the blank of environmental protection plating in the domestic market. Nano-mirror spraying technology uses the spraying process to make electroplating effects (gold plating, silver plating, copper plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, color plating, etc.), which is another emerging process after electroplating and vacuum plating, just using a spray gun. Direct spraying, simple process and environmental protection, no waste discharge, low cost, no need to make conductive layer. This technology is widely used in various materials such as metal, glass, resin, plastic, ceramics, and gypsum. No three waste discharge, no heavy metal, easy to operate, low investment, low cost, no need to do conductive layer, processing color as desired, can be positioned for spraying.