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What is the difference between shot peening, shot blasting and sand blasting?

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    (1)The difference with blasting:
    Shot peening uses compressed air as a power-driven projectile to eject from the nozzle at high speed. In order to strengthen the process, shot peening has the advantages of strong adaptability and good stability.
Shot blasting generally uses high-speed rotating impeller to project the projectile at high speed. For the strengthening process, shot blasting has obvious disadvantages of poor adaptability and poor stability. However, shot blasting is more efficient and requires less processing conditions, so it is especially suitable for surface cleaning.

    (2)The difference with sandblasting:
    Both shot peening and sand blasting use compressed air as the power to spray the medium (shot or sand) from the nozzle at high speed, which impacts the surface of the workpiece to produce the required process effect.
The shape of the medium used for shot blasting is spherical (or quasi-spherical), such as steel shot, stainless steel shot, glass shot, ceramic shot, etc., generally used for workpiece strengthening processing or surface finishing treatment (matte effect); medium shape used for sand blasting It is angular, such as steel sand, corundum sand, silicon carbide, walnut sand, etc., generally used for surface cleaning, texturing (increasing roughness), peeling coating treatment, etc.