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Congratulations on the opening ceremony of the new three board of Kunshan Kaixin Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. held in Beijing

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     On July 29, 2016, Kunshan Kaixin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the New Third Board of the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System Co., Ltd. (stock short name: Kaixin Seiko, stock code: 838241).

     On September 12 of the same year, Chairman Chen Xiaohu and other leaders took part in the listing and licensing ceremony held in Beijing and sounded the bell of the letter opening!


     For us, today's listing is only the starting point of a new journey. The company must keep up with the national industrial policy, be single-minded and enterprising, work together to the future, develop in a down-to-earth manner, closely follow the pulse of the market, and shoulder the expectations of domestic and international well-known enterprises. Insult the mission, unite in the city.