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Stainless steel pill

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    "Case letter" stainless steel pill is an austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel pill, beaded.

Specific Chemical Composition
    C≤0.2% Cr≈18% Ni≈6~10% Mn≈1% Si≈2

    The new pill state is 330HV, and the application state is 480HV.

    Our company can provide stainless steel pellets of various specifications with diameter φ0.05-φ1.4mm. The products are graded according to ISO/TC24 professional standard mesh to meet the granularity needs of different customers.

     Spraying and shot blasting consumes only 2 kg per ton of aluminum alloy castings.

    Cleaning, depilation, surface finishing - all kinds of aluminum castings - aluminum profiles - non-ferrous metals and special alloys - all kinds of zinc castings - a stainless steel device - stainless steel precision castings - artificial and natural stone industry.

Product Features
    The quality is even; the surface is fine and bright; the surface is not rusted; the time for cleaning and blasting is short; the wear of the shot blasting equipment is small.

    Recommended range of stainless steel shots of various models
    WG-10: Clean chilled molds, chrome-plated molds for forging tires, refurbishment of automobile engine booster pump cover, starter precision gears and spring reinforced, stainless steel container surface spray treatment.   
    WG-20: Aluminium-zinc die-casting, surface cleaning of precision castings, roughening of the surface of special coatings, removal of surface extrusions by aluminum profiles, fine polishing of copper and aluminum pipes, stainless steel containers And the refined polishing of the valve.
    WG-30: aluminum-zinc die-casting, motorcycle engine casing, cylinder head, carburetor, engine fuel pump casing, intake manifold, car lock. The surface of the low-pressure die-cast wheel is cleaned and smoothed before painting. The surface of copper-aluminum stainless steel stamping parts is smoothed and polished, and stainless steel parts are precision-cast.
    WG-40: The surface of aluminum-zinc die-casting parts is cleaned and smoothed, the surface of aluminum-sand-die castings is cleaned and smoothed, and the appearance of stainless steel precision castings is refined. Surface cleaning of brass castings and larger stampings. Artificial marble surface spray treatment.
    WG50: In addition to the WG-40 function, the stainless steel casting surface is smooth and fine. Alloy steel forgings are descaled. Artificial marble surface finishing effect and anti-slip treatment.
    WG-60: high-alloy steel casting surface descaling, aluminum alloy engine body and other large die-casting parts for finishing and finishing, marble surface treatment and anti-slip treatment.
    WG70-80: Before the appearance of the molded steel castings, the scales and granites are removed, and the marble steps are treated with anti-slip treatment.

    Every 25kg is packed in PE plastic bags, and every 100 kg (4 bags) is packed in a wooden box.
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