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Plastic sand

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product description

    Plastic sand is a processed product that can be used in a milder operating environment without any damage or abrasion to the workpiece. The extremely low hardness and specific gravity of the plastic sand make it attractive in many sensitive applications. Our company's plastic sands are available in two different specifications to cover all process requirements.
Our company's plastic sand is suitable for both wet and dry pressure peening equipment, and can be effectively used under extremely low pressure to ensure no damage to the workpiece being sprayed.
    In the equipment for the recovery and sorting of pellets, the high pressure resistance and irregular shape of the plastic sand can ensure efficient productivity and ensure the long life of the pellets. Solvents/chemical reagents are often used in traditional processes. For the cleaned workpiece, the plastic sand can usually be used for shot blasting. Chemical methods endanger the health of operators, sewage treatment costs, environmental problems are constantly changing, and the use of plastic sand for shot peening is a safe and economical green method. Our company's plastic sand does not contain active silicon. In addition, the flexibility of the chemical method is poor, and the treated workpiece is immersed in the treatment liquid as a whole, which often has the problem of damaging the body or handling the residue, and the use of our company's plastic sand for shot blasting can solve this problem because the pellets Just hit the part that needs to be removed.

Applicable industrial scope

    Aviation industry; automotive industry; sandblasting / spray painter; consumer goods manufacturing; foundry industry; subcontractor, semiconductor industry.

Applicable process requirements

    Deburring of computer fine parts; painting of the surface of consumable parts, such as aluminum parts, synthetic materials, glass
    Fiber, wood, etc.: removal of mold residues. IC block support cleaning.
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