After-Sales Service

  After-sales service

       The company has a specialized technical support team and an after-sales service department, providing most professional and just-in-time technical consults and services. In the whole operation period, our company will accept the user’s technical consults via telephone, fax, e-mail and so on. After receiving customers’        feedbacks, the company specialized technical team will respond in a timely manner to deal with the problem and provide timely and detailed investigation and solution, if necessary, a professional maintenance staff will be sent to scene. In addition, company will conduct regular visits to update the condition of the equipment and provide technical advice and professional guidance, so that our customers can enjoy the most perfect and professional services.
       In addition, Carthing Precision has a large accessories/ spare parts/ media warehouses, which can provide users with various accessories and spare parts for shot peening and surface finishing machines. Shot peening media (cast steel shot, cut steel shot, ceramic bead, glass bead etc.) meet the requirements of SAE J441, AMS 2431, MIL-S-13165C, VDFI8001, DIN8201, HB/Z 26 etc.

Accessories/ Spare Parts/ Media